Drench by yourself

Comfortable for cow and farmer

Why Easy Drench


The Easy Drench is easy to operate.

Less illness

By acting on time, animals do not get sick or recover faster.

Save time and money

The milk yield can return to the intended level more quickly by drenching.

Healthy livestock

Easy Drench offers you a practical and economical solution for the care of your animals. You can now drench animals yourself or with guidance that have to deal with dehydration symptoms due to illness, for example.

Easy Drench dealer


On my dairy farm with 150 dairy cows, we regularly use the Easy Drench for better cow welfare. Both preventively and in acute situations, the cow and the farmer benefit from the treatment.

-Robert Winter

Moi, The head of the easy drench is somewhat larger, so that it is much less likely to enter the trachea. In addition, inserting the easy drench hose is smoother and requires fewer actions than my old system

- Thijs van der vis

Simple system, works well. Had little experience with drenching, but have had good results with it and can save vet visits, while he often opts for an infusion.

- Klaas Kisteman

Thanks to the simple operation, we now treat animals faster and more often, resulting in less loss.

- Vof Eisen

The Easy Drench is a device that makes drenching your cows even easier and faster than ever before. 🐮💦

- Ben Spool

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