We at Easy Drench

My life started in Assen on my parents' farm. I inherited my love for farming by helping to care for our 100 cows.

Living with the animals on the farm has become my passion. That is why, after my Economics education, I continued studying at the agricultural college in Leeuwarden.

I studied Dairy Farming at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. In the meantime I have always been busy in practice. With my diploma in dairy farming, I entered the labor market and have always worked in the agricultural sector. At my work, the cow was always nearby.

I use my knowledge for my passion. A passion for healthy cows in a streamlined process. Because for me animal welfare is not a snapshot but a continuous process. My qualities come to the fore when planning, looking ahead and making strategic choices. By being practical and strategic myself, I regularly see opportunities for improving animal welfare. The Easy Drench is an example of a self-developed idea. An idea to help the farmer to keep his cattle healthy. The concept has been tested at various dairy farms. After some adjustments to the prototype, sales have started since the beginning of 2019.

The Easy Drench is now available for every farmer. The Easy Drench can now be ordered specifically for drenching cows.

The Easy Drench is now available for every farmer.