Hoe houd jij je veestapel gezond?

How do you keep your herd healthy?

Easy Drench offers outcomes:

'The animal brought in so much money that I earned back the cost of the drench in a few days'

“You can tell people that drinking helps to recover, but not cows” , is how Sander Rühl describes the usefulness of drenching. When a cow drinks too little, this has direct consequences for her well-being and her milk production. By using the Easy Drench you can easily and quickly help your cow to make a full recovery.

A dairy cow needs about 150 liters of water every day to stay healthy and fit. During the calving process or due to illness, the animal's drinking desire may decrease. Easy Drench offers fast care for cows with dehydration symptoms.

Rühl purchased his Easy Drench from AGIB. “With the Easy Drench, we have already made a few cows back to their old self easily”. He does notice, however, that moisture can remain in the barrel during cleaning, it does not empty completely by itself. AGIB customer Leon Adriaans has also experienced this. “Due to the construction of the vessel, the last moisture does not drain away by itself. You have to take that into account when cleaning.”

The mouthpiece - the Easy Probe - feels soft and is easy to insert. Rühl is satisfied with the operation of his Easy Drench. “Administering water and supplements is very fast. The device does what it is supposed to do and it produces good results.”

Peter Toonen uses his Easy Drench regularly

Solid equipment, reliable provider
Livestock farmers regularly respond to AGIB for reliable drenching equipment. The Easy Drench is constantly being developed to guarantee the best service for farmer and cow. In October 2022, AGIB therefore decided to enter into a partnership with the progressive and innovative brand. A connection of supply and demand, consisting of solid drenching equipment and a reliable supplier.

AGIB is a proud dealer of the best, innovative and user-friendly device for livestock farmers. Take care of your cows quickly and easily: fill the barrel and drench your cow! “By giving water and supplements to a cow that is sick or has just calved, the animal will soon brighten up again.” Peter Toonen purchased the Easy Drench on the advice of the vet. “They are the first actions you can perform. The administration of water takes an average of five minutes. You can see the condition of the cow really improve shortly after drenching.” With the Easy Drench you can therefore provide your cow with moisture considerably faster than with the use of a hand pump.

Photo: Peter Toonen uses his Easy Drench regularly

Different types of drench devices
AGIB sells different types of the Easy Drench. The Budget and Budget Complete versions contain the basic facilities for drenching. These Easy Drenches are less easy to move than the more luxurious rolling Easy Drench Mobile and Easy Drench Mobile Complete. Wondering which drench device best suits your company? View the current offer here.

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AGIB customers often purchase the easily movable Easy Drench Mobile or Easy Drench Mobile Complete. So is Peter Toonen. Although he initially found the purchase pricey, it is well worth the investment. “The device works well. Because the cow recovers quickly, you earn back the investment costs in a short time.”

'Drenching gave the cow a boost'
AGIB customer Leon Adriaans is also satisfied with his Easy Drench. “When one of our cows got sick, I bought an Easy Drench. I am pleased with it.” Adriaans did not immediately believe that drenching would cure his cows in a short time. “At first I was hesitant. I didn't believe that the Easy Drench would make the animal better in a few days.” He gave his cow 40 liters of water for three days. “Drenching gave her a boost, she visibly improved and also in a short time.” The milk yield of the cow was also surprisingly quickly restored by drenching. "The animal brought in so much money that I earned back the purchase costs of the Easy Drench in a few days."

More information about the Easy Drench can be found here . Do you have any questions about the Easy Drench as a result of this article or do you want to purchase a drenching device? Then view the range on the AGIB and Easy Drench websites.